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Advance Your Practice: Surya Namaskara A

In the yoga tradition, Surya Namaskara is a meditative movement practice done to honor the sun and one's inner light.  In Vinyasa yoga classes, Surya Namaskara is the blueprint for most classes, so correct alignment of the postures, as well as the transitions, is vital to avoid injury.  In this two hour workshop, students will learn proper alignment and breath for the 9 vinyasa, or movements, of Surya Namaskara A.  Taking the time to learn the ideal alignment of the postures will make your practice more mindful, less injurious, and sustainable for years to come.  


February 11, 2018 * 1-3pm

Laguna Beach YogaWorks * $40 // $35 before February 4

30818 Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

To register, please visit


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